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I can still remember the excitement of seeing that enormous billboard hovering over the grocery parking lot congratulating my mother - the “Noodle Kugel Queen”. It was a crazy, ridiculous, heartfelt expression of gratitude designed by a passionate fan, back in the 80’s, that will never be forgotten!

The story actually starts with my sweet and quietly self-assured bubby who was a homemaker from the old country. She was “a natural” in the kitchen and passed her talents along to my mother. We all loved spending time in the kitchen together. I remember, as soon as I could stand tall enough to reach the countertop, how my bubby put her hands around mine and taught me to braid the challah.

Celebrating friendships, entertaining at home and enjoying traditions are enduring gifts of my childhood. Our house was always full!

During the fall of the 2020 COVID pandemic, when it became clear that large gatherings for the Jewish New Year were a non-starter, my natural instincts kicked into gear. I made dozens of mini kugels for all my friends and neighbors so we could enjoy a holiday connection. Being in the kitchen brought me comfort - and the warm smiles and gratitude I got in return inspired me to follow my bliss.

In early 2021, The Kugel Queen business was born.  It’s my dream to bring the distinctive pleasure of old-world comfort-food to your table - so, like me, you may enjoy the heaps of love and uncompromising quality in every bite - for all occasions (snack time, dinner time, holidays and brunch).


My inspiration - bubby and mom

The queen in training  

And the queen today